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Upcoming prime international trade exhibitions on : Automotives & Spare Parts, Building & Construction, Food & Agriculture Hospitality, Industrial Products & Machinery, Consumer & Household, Beauty, Medical & Health Care, Mining, Plastics, Printing & Packaging, IT, Electronics & Satellite Products ,Interiors, Furniture & Lighting, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Wood etc.

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Nairobi based Car & General enters the electric car market
Car and General (C&G) will begin selling electric vehicles and tuk-tuks as part of a strategy to expand into the 'green' mobility market, which is projected to increase in response to efforts to . . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 27th January 2022
Plans Underway to Introduce All-Electric Cars in the Nation says Kenya Power
Kenya Power claims that the country's innovative ambitions to enter into the all-electric car industry are well underway. Acting Managing Director Rosemary Oduor of the utility corporation said . . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 27th January 2022
Dow invests in Mr. Green Africa, a Kenyan company that recycles plastic.
Dow Chemical is a worldwide corporation. Mr. Green Africa will improve its plastic waste management systems (sorting, collection, and recycling) in Kenya and other African nations with this . . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 25th January 2022
Rwanda plant to recycle plastic into paving stones
In Rwanda, a new project attempts to turn single-use plastics into paving stones. In Mageragere, Nyarugenge district, the garbage will be processed in a factory. The project is being funded by . . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 25th January 2022
Kenya to Double Oil Handling Capacity with New Kipevu Terminal
Kenya will double capacity of handling transit petroleum products starting this month from the current 35,000 tonnes as the Sh40 billion new Kipevu Oil Terminal in Mombasa is complete. President . . .Read more »
Posted on : Friday , 21st January 2022
Chinese-Built Oil Terminal at Kenyan Mombasa Port to Be Complete in July
The Chinese-built oil terminal at Kenya's Mombasa port is expected to be operational in July this year, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said on 6th January 2022. The construction of the . . .Read more »
Posted on : Friday , 21st January 2022
ETHIOPIA: Production Testing Begins For the Great Renaissance Dam
The Ethiopian government has completed preparations for the start of a production test of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). If successful, the first 2 units of the hydropower plant will . . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 20th January 2022
Kengen to Inject 83 Extra Megawatts to the National Grid
Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) will pump an extra 83MW of geothermal power into the national grid by this month. KenGen CEO Rebecca Miano said works on the Olkaria I unit 6 are at . . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 20th January 2022
In a move to facilitate trade between Kenya and China, the Kenya China Chamber of Commerce (KCCC) has opened an office in Beijing.
The newly opened office will play a critical role in unblocking the trade challenges between the two countries, at this time when the movement of goods and people has been affected by the COVID-19 . . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 20th January 2022
BRD To Provide A Total Grant Of Rwf1 Billion Through The Renewable Energy Fund Project Towards Lighting Up An Initial 10,000 Families In Rwanda
The beneficiaries so far include individual commitments for 1,120 families and commitments for 2,000 families by companies.Overall, more than 700 people and companies had participated in the . . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 20th January 2022

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